Pastor Harley: a few facts

“Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you.” Jeremiah 1:17

His full name: Pastor Harley Wheeler

What he thinks about his name: “There is an electric feeling when I do a motorcyclist’s funeral!”

Best News of the Year: Married July 6th to Cindy Bondurant, now Cindy Wheeler

Family:  Seven Children.  That’s right, seven. Five adults; Quincy, Noelle, Nadia, Machia (married to the best daughter-in-law ever, Liz) and Elizabeth.  Two still being homeschooled;  Sonora and Eden.  Cindy has two children, Jailiegh Bondurant, attending school at the University of Oregon, and Rachel Tiffany, married to Mike and living in Gurnee, Illinois.

What he thinks about his family: “God won’t send what He won’t feed.”

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, and his Mom, Jean Wheeler, lives there still.

What he thinks about Columbus:  “Go Bucks!”

Pastoring full-time since: 1990

Busy With: Chairperson of the East Ohio Evangelical Fellowship

What he thinks about being a Pastor: “Best job ever, thank you Jesus!”

Hobbies: Only one; Reads obsessively.

What he thinks about reading: “I owe so much to Mrs. Petzinger, my second-grade teacher!”