Welcome to Minerva United Methodist Church. 

Worship in March

3/3 “Hearts and Words” Matthew 12:35-37, Communion
3/6 Ash Wednesday “Patiently I was Waiting”                     Psalm 40, Communion
3/10 1st Sunday Lent “A Cheerful Hiding Place” Psalm 32 (Daylight Savings Time)
Shocking Things Jesus Said (series)
3/17 2nd Sunday Lent Part 1 “Thirst for Righteousness” Matthew 5:1-12
3/24 3rd Sunday Lent Part 2 “A Simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’” Matthew 5:33-37
3/31 4th Sunday Lent Part 3 “Treasure in Heaven” Matthew 6:19-21

Shocking Things That Jesus Said – Sermon Series in Lent
Did Jesus really say that? There are things you may have heard before. They may be verses you have on your mirror or refrigerator, but they require a closer look. Did he say that we are made to desire God and God ONLY? That our promises are carefully recorded, but so are our casual words? That your stuff is an ob-stacle to knowing God? Some things Jesus said challenge us to turn our way of looking at life around and upside down. Hear about it on these Sundays.joshua4_24

Minerva Church is a Christ-centered fellowship that serves the community of Minerva, Ohio from our church in the center of town.

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Rides to Church!

We are offering rides to Sunday worship.  Our 15-passenger van is available to those interested in a ride to the 10:30 worship service and/or the 9:15 Sunday School. Need a ride? Call the church, 330-868-4940 and leave a message.

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