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Worship in October

Sermon Series “Revelation Rewards”

10/6     Revelation Rewards (1)         ‘The Food of Angels’    Revelation 2:1-17          World Communion Sunday

10/13   Revelation Rewards (2)                                             ‘The Title and the Throne’          Revelation 2:18-3:6

10/20   All Saints  Celebration                                        Revelation Rewards (3)     ‘The Door of the Lotus-Eaters’                                                     Revelation 3:7-22

10/27   ‘Tears in a Bottle’     2 Chronicles 6:29-31   Communion

Sermon Series in October “Revelation Rewards”                                                          Hidden Manna, a White Stone, the Crown of Life, the Fruit of the Tree of Life, the Morning Star, White Garments, a Throne. These and more are all promised to ‘the one who overcomes’ in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.  John’s hearers had problems and challenges. They had seen disaster and death. They had wavered and been led into believing lies. Along with many warnings, John’s revelation of Jesus promises these rewards to the faithful. They are promised to YOU. Come and hear.


World Communion Sunday                                                                                                    United Methodist churches observe World Communion Sunday on the first Sunday in October. World Communion Sunday is an ecumenical celebration by people of many denominations in an effort to promote unity among Christians around the world. Started in 1933 by a Presbyterian church, it addressed a time where people felt without hope; they felt divided. The idea that sprang out of this church was, we need a Sunday were all who are Christians gather at a table and remember we are one.

Consider how this celebration came out of a time of hopelessness and fear, and it is not that different from what we may feel today as we listen to what’s going around the world and gather strength from knowing we are united in Jesus.


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Minerva Church is a Christ-centered fellowship that serves the community of Minerva, Ohio from our church in the center of town.

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We are offering rides to Sunday worship.  Our 15-passenger van is available to those interested in a ride to the 10:30 worship service and/or the 9:15 Sunday School. Need a ride? Call the church, 330-868-4940 and leave a message.

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