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Worship in February

Sermon Series in I John          “Searching for a Heart”

2/2       Part 1 Life Reflection   I John 2:12-14  Communion

2/9       Part 2 Divided Love       I John 2:15

2/16     Part 3 Flirting With the Devil        I John 2:16

2/23     What Would Judah Do?         Genesis 43:8-9

2/26     Ash Wednesday  7pm   “The Heart Awakes”                             Song of Songs 5:2

Sermon Series in February                  “Searching For a Heart”What has Jesus put in your heart? What victories can you see because of His love that dwells there with you? What happens when we divide our hearts between Jesus and the World? Is it possible to “Flirt with the Devil”? What happens then? Find out more with the sermon series covering 1 John 2:12-16 from February 2 to February 16.

Ash Wednesday Service                     Our Ash Wednesday Service will be February 26th at 7pm, in the chapel. We will begin our Lent with a time of prayer, preaching and song, and the chance to receive the mark of the ashes. Pastor Harley will bring a message from Song of Songs, ‘The Heart Awakes’. You are very much invited to begin Lent together with your church family at this service.

We will also be doing an Ash Wednesday service at St. Luke’s Assisted Living, at 10:30am. You are invited to be a part of that community’s Ash Wednesday Service, if you desire to do so.

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Minerva Church is a Christ-centered fellowship that serves the community of Minerva, Ohio from our church in the center of town.

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Rides to Church!

We are offering rides to Sunday worship.  Our 15-passenger van is available to those interested in a ride to the 10:30 worship service and/or the 9:15 Sunday School. Need a ride? Call the church, 330-868-4940 and leave a message.

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