Welcome to Minerva United Methodist Church. 

Worship in February

February 4 ‘Having Second Thoughts’ Matthew 3:1-6 Holy Communion

February 11 ‘Caught on Camera’ Jeremiah 7:1-11

Cosmic Encounter Lenten Sermon Series – There is a Big Universe out there. But we can stay in our solar neighborhood with the Cosmic Encounter Sermon Series. There is lots to hear about; Love, War, Peace, Destruction, Wisdom, Authority, and the Slow, Cold March of Time.  Teaching from Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments, we will hear about Life, the Love of God, and the difference Faith makes in our lives.

February 14 Part 1 Ash Wednesday ‘Earth and the Doomsday Rock’ Psalm 87 Communion

February 18 Part 2 ‘Mercury and the Wisdom of Words’ Acts 14:8-20

February 25 Part 3 ‘Venus, Jeremiah and the Queen of Heaven’ Jeremiah 44:15-19


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Minerva Church is a Christ-centered fellowship that serves the community of Minerva, Ohio from our church in the center of town.

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Rides to Church!

We are offering rides to Sunday worship.  Our 15-passenger van is available to those interested in a ride to the 10:30 worship service and/or the 9:15 Sunday School. Need a ride? Call the church, 330-868-4940 and leave a message.

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